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powder blue by sickstar
in tradition to where am i, this maybe quite strange for some. it's loosely based on a sketch i did in the artwork section. check that out too when you get a chance. i'm sorry if it's a bit long, i was on a roll while writing it. this also tackles something  that i don't do quite often, popping. please tell me if you enjoy it & want to see more.
They could only get louder & more distracting. That was the conclusion Kelsey drew, seeing how they had been going at it for at least three hours now with no signs of ever stopping! They, referred to her roommate Gretchen & her flavor of the week boyfriend, whose name escaped Kelsey at the time but one she knew she'd never have to get used to. Gretchen also described herself as being 'fickle' like that. Kelsey growled as a muffled erotic groan reverberated from the other side of her bedroom wall. She had more important things to think about, such as this big psych exam that was coming up in t-minus 7 & a half hours.
"Ooh! Yes! Oh!" screamed Gretchen. Kelsey shook her head, her roommate was such a horrible faker. "Again!" Then unexpectedly, the bouncing started again & Kelsey snapped the tip of her pencil. That was the last straw. There was no way she would be able concentrate, the squeaking of the sofa's springs drowning out her own thoughts! She grabbed her jacket. She thought that maybe, by the time it took her to run out to the kwikimart, their little session would be over & maybe then she could get some studying done. She opened the door slowly. The lights were out but the noise wasn't muffled anymore. Kelsey sneered. She wouldn't want to see it anyway. She got to the door & slowly snuck out. Sleek like ninja she smirked to herself, making her way down to the kwikimart at the corner.
"Why does she have to do this, everytime, without fail before one of my big exams?!" sighed Kelsey to herself with deep frustration. Then she realized, it wasn't just during her exams, it was almost like a weekly occurrence. Gretchen would use her 'tricks' to get infatuated with some new guy & they would be fuck buddies until Monday when they would subsequently break up & the cycle would begin anew. Kelsey smirked. Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration, but Gretchen did get around. The thing that really bothered Kelsey was the fact that everytime she confronted Gretchen, she would just laugh & say that Kelsey was jealous. This was infuriating. Kelsey could get any guy she wanted. She was blonde with deep green eyes & aside from being just a bit on the lanky side, very attractive. This opposed to raven-haired Gretchen being a little petite with perfect curves, always showing them off with skin tight clothing. It wasn't that Kelsey couldn't get a guy if she wanted, it was just that it was her, not her parents, footing tuition, unlike Gretchen. She shook her head to snap out of it as she walked down the sidewalk late at night. She should be thinking about her huge exam the next day, not the quarrels of her & her roommate.
Kelsey came back to her dorm building & swiped her keycard to get in. She got an espresso to keep her up for some late night cramming, figuring she'd need it. She had cooled off a bit, just hoping that Gretchen was done up there & had decided to turn in. As she walked up the flights of stairs to their dorm, Kelsey was trying to quiz herself mentally in preparation for the big exam. She was so focused that she almost didn't hear the screaming eminating from her dormroom.
"Gretchen?" asked Kelsey, getting to the door.
"Kelsey? Help!" Gretchen hollered. Kelsey dropped her coffee, burning her fingers a little & fumbled with her keys but got the door unlocked. She rushed inside, the room still pitch black. "Kelsey! He's..." She saw the figure of what looked like Gretchen's boyfriend dive out their fourth story window. "Omigod!" Kelsey flipped the switch to see Gretchen topless & just pulling blue panties on. Kelsey put saw Gretchen's perfect breasts & sneered with a slight bit of envy. It was no time for that.
"What happened?" she asked running over to the window. There was nobody in sight. Kelsey was weirded out.
"He started to change!" said Gretchen.
"Yeah!" she said convinced. "Like, his body... into something else. Then he poked me with something..."
"Poked you?"
"Not like that... something else!" she said having difficulty explaining. "Like a needle!"
"Put some clothes on, I'll call the police." said Kelsey, shutting their window & realizing she was never going to be able to study for this exam.
The authorities came & investigated. Kelsey tried to stick by her roommate's side for support. Originally the cops thought that Gretchen was trying to protect the man, not knowing his name & all, but then Kelsey attested to Gretchen's 'flavor of the week' mentality. Suddenly Gretchen didn't want her around for support anymore. When she told them that whatever poked her was something akin to a needle prick, they forced her to take a blood test. They even wanted her to come in with them but Gretchen said she was tired & that she wanted to sleep. Kelsey never would've guessed after all of that activity. She was exhausted & wasn't going to have a chance to study. As the police left, Gretchen collapsed on the couch & looked at the wall clock showing that it was 4am even.
"You believe me right?"
"About what?"
"Him... changing!"
"He was your boyfriend!"  Kelsey smirked, bolting the door & heading off to bed.
She might have just overslept if it wasn't for another scream that next morning.
"Omigod!" she heard echo from Gretchen's side of the room. That's when she saw Gretchen spinning around in her blue panites & matching blue bra, examining herself. Kelsey sighed & looked at the clock 8:30, a half hour till her exam. "My god!" Gretchen posed. "Kelsey! Look at me! Tell me if anything is different!"
"Um no... nothing's different."
"But I look... & feel... bigger!" she said, circling in front of the mirror for herself again. She pinched her thigh, a little more flesh than usual. "Do you think it was whatever I got poked with last night?"
"You're nuts!"
"But look at me! I look like a beached whale!"
"Yeah! You're completely insane! Sure, maybe you put on a pound or two here or there... maybe! But relax, Gretch! It's called a coincidence. So don't get yourself so worked up! I'm sure the blood test's gonna come back clean!" She hardly believed her in fhe first place. Gretchen had been known to fib for attention. But she really wasn't sure, to her, it was just something to get Gretchen to shut up. Kelsey walked past her as Gretchen waved her buttcheeks at the mirror, seeing if they were bigger. Kelsey wasn't in the mindstate for Gretchen to start bitching about her weight. Sure it certainly was easy for her roommate to put on a pound here or there, she had really poor metabolism. But Kelsey didn't have to listen to it. She had that exam she was all unprepared for. And she had to hurry if she wanted to get there before it began!
Upon taking the test, Kelsey was fairly unsure about her grade. Hardly any of the questions clicked in her head, making her a bit worried about the results. Oh well, it was behind her now; if she did bad, she'd just have to do that much better on the next, no sense worrying about it, she thought, opening the door to her dormroom.
"Kelsey?" she heard from the bedroom as she dropped her stuff by the door.
"Gretchen? Didn't you go to class tod..." She stopped herself at the doorway. "What the...?"
"I told you I was bigger." she said with a pout. Kelsey snapped out of it, trying not to look. But she had to! There sat Gretchen, looking noticibly more fleshy. She sat there with tight jeans looking unable to be buttoned & a white halter top that hugged her rounder breasts tightly. "He injected me with something! Something that's making me fatter!" She truly was bigger, a swollen hourglass of her once moderately curvy self.
"D-Did you get the blood test back yet?" stuttered Kelsey, slowly stepping forward.
"Not yet." she said. "I don't know what happened. I took a shower & then when I got done & started getting dressed! That's when... I just started getting fatter!" She said, stroking her now pudgy thighs. Everything from there to her breasts looked bigger.  Even a little belly had begun to poke out. Tears came to her eyes. "I'm not even sure if it is fat! I feels firmer than fat does! Almost sorta like a balloon!" she said. "But it is heavy."
"Why don't we get you to a doctor?" asked Kelsey sounding as if she was trying to keep a levelhead.
"What?" asked Gretchen. "Outside?" Kelsey nodded. "No! I can't go out! I can't be seen like this!"
"What?!" asked Kelsey. "What's wrong with you? You're not that fat! At least not yet! But we should probably get you to a doctor! Now give me your car keys, I'll drive!" Gretchen reluctantly handed them over. She gently hoisted herself up & tried tugging on the fly of the jeans, still impossibly tight. She gave up all hope of trying to zip them shut. Kelsey handed her one of her belts, hoping it might fit her. "Will that work?"
"Maybe..." winced Gretchen, trying to buckle it. Upon finally getting it, she started to make her way to the door.  "Let's go... shall we...?" she winced, trying not to breathe too much & pop the belt. Kelsey nodded, making her way to the front door. Gretchen awkwardly shuffled behind her, staring down at how her puffy thighs rubbed one another as she did so. Kelsey reached for the knob & started to open it.
"Don't worry, everyone's probably at class right now anyway." she said, not realizing there was a man waiting on the other side. Gretchen recognized who it was immediately, without even knowing his name.
"Kelsey! Look out!" she yelled. Kelsey looked & saw the man from last night Gretchen had been making out with. His eyes were blank but he had an evil gleam to the snarly grin on his face. Suddenly, before Kelsey could even flinch, she was knocked across the room. "Kelsey!"
"Ow..." Kelsey said, the far wall she hit more painful than whatever sent her flying. She was stunned but could see the man slam the door closed behind him as Gretchen backed away in horror.
"Why'd you come back? What did you do to me? Are you the one that's making me grow?" The man's expression didn't change. Kelsey slowly got to her feet. She grabbed a halogen lamp & aimed the base at him, but it didn't matter to him. He still approached Gretchen with those cold, expressionless eyes. Kelsey hit him with it. There was a loud bang noise, like his skin wasn't real. Kelsey stood there slack-jawed. "Get away!" said Gretchen, running to the bedroom. The man only followed, getting his shoulder in before she could shut the door.  He began to reach for her again as Kelsey swung the lamp at him. This time, he caught it with his free hand, without even looking & pulled it away from her using inhuman strength. He chucked it at the side wall, embedding it firmly. Kelsey gasped as the man caught hold of Gretchen's hair & yanked her out from behind the door. Kelsey desperately kicked at the man, this proving more futile than the lamp, his body felt like titanium! He took Gretchen & tossed her towards the couch. Her new, puffier frame bounced & jiggled a little as she landed. The man's smile grew bigger & then suddenly, it looked as though he was starting to fade! Kelsey & Gretchen both backed away in fear, Gretchen screaming on the top of her lungs as she did. They realized that the man himself wasn't fading, but his skin was, like it was a projection of some sort! Like a hard hologram! "What are you?!" screamed Gretchen. That's when the man's outer skin gave way to a mechanical endoskeleton, fit for a James Cameron movie. Both girls screamed. "But I... But we... the two of us..." The mechanical man's only pressed a button on his wrists, shooting a blue ball of energy out of his chest. Upon hitting the back wall, it spiraled & created a vortex. He grabbed Gretchen by the hair again & made his way towards it, totally ignoring Kelsey. "Help me!" screamed Gretchen, reaching for Kelsey's hand as the mechanical man stepped thru. Kelsey grabbed hold & was pulled thru with the two of them. The vortex spun, making things in their apartment blow around like a tornado but gradually it weakened until fizzing into nothingness.
"Kelsey?! Kelsey?! Wake up! Now!" Kelsey heard groggily as Gretchen shook her. "Where are we?" Kelsey felt as though she was coming out of a deep sleep. "Kelsey? What is this place? What happened to these girls?" Kelsey had no idea what she was talking about. Opening her eyes, everything seemed really dark, only a pale blue light from the floor lit the room. She looked over at Gretchen, who looked a bit bigger now. She almost looked like a overplumped sausaged, her clothing too tight for the rest of her. Especially in her hips, where it looked like a sphere was beginning to take shape. Her hips, thighs, butt, & even lower torso formed an almost perfect circle around her middle, cut short only by the belt Kelsey had loaned her. "Look around!" Gretchen yelled. Kelsey scanned her new environment & was shocked by what she saw. It was a round, high-domed room, dark as hell but with a dim light from the floor that revealed hundreds of girls all in varying degrees of monstrous bloating, surrounding them, in this odd, stadium sized room. Some were even so round by whatever they were filling with, they looked almost like complete spheres!
"I really don't like this, Kelsey..." whimpered Gretchen. "Is this what's going to happen to me? Am I going to get this big?" she said pointing to a girl behind her with an incoherent contentness on her face while sucking down on the tube, the girl so round she looked like a child's ball. They each had a tube, a black rubber one that fit nicely over their mouths, fastened to their faces. Kelsey walked over to the girl behind Gretchen. She looked at the blank expression in her face & watched the girl swallow whatever was being given to her in that tube. Kelsey pulled on it but it was stuck fast, like it was using strong suction to stay there. Kelsey wasn't surprised, given the rate at which this girl looked to be swallowing. She looked at the tatters of clothes left on the girl, stretched to shreds. The tag said on her shirt said 's', making Kelsey almost sick to her stomach. Gretchen seemed spot on. For once.
Just then, the ceiling opened, emitting a bright light. Kelsey noticed all of the rounder girls beginning to squirm in place. Even the ones that looked totally incoherent. They looked excited, but not necessarily in a good way.
"What's going on?" asked Gretchen, as if Kelsey had any idea. Kelsey scanned the room & saw something really quite strange. Thru the hordes of swollen females, there was an African American woman, huge & round beyond all believe starting to whimper as the light concentrated around her. The other girls gave off a great sense of relief & hushed as they watched the black girl begin to squirm in fear. The more focused the beam got, the more & more the girl seemed to float! It was like some kind of tractor beam! She was being taken away towards the ceiling, the tube in her mouth tethering her. She whimpered louder looking as though she didn't want to go to where ever this beam was taking her. That's when her & Kelsey locked eyes. Kelsey could see a tear drip out, the girl completely mortified about what would happen it to her. But then, with a pop, the hose snapped out of her mouth & dropped to the floor. She floated up much like overblown balloon would, helplessly seeming to drift skyward. She let out a few protesting moans but the sound that surprised Kelsey the most was the rubbery squeak she made, like that of a balloon, as she was pulled thru the opening in the ceiling, a few sizes too narrow for her massive girth. Then the opening shut & the light went away, leaving the pale dim ambience lighting from the floor. "Is that what they are going to do to me?" panicked Gretchen. "When I get that fat?" Kelsey was speechless, unable to believe that or anything else she was seeing. That's when they heard footsteps. She knew for sure it wasn't coming from any of the girls. Even the smallest were far too big to get around on their own. That's when Kelsey saw them. Two more robots were picking up the piping the other girl had dropped from her mouth & were bringing it towards her & Gretchen. They had the same mechanics as their abductor had, though they were darker in tint. Holding the tube, they backed Gretchen up against another hugely swollen girl. "What are you doing?" she cried. "Stop! Stop this!" Kelsey could only see them surround her puffy friend. When they backed away, she saw Gretchen on her knees with the tube fastened to her face. Kelsey saw her swallowing whatever was being sent to her mouth. She didn't look as though she could fight it.
"Oh Gretchen!" Cooed Kelsey sympathetically. The robotic men walked to a door on the far side of the room & left. Kelsey wondered why they hadn't attached her to a hose. Maybe they had something else in store for her, she feared. She turned back to Gretchen still gulping like mad. Tears came to her eyes. Kelsey felt compelled to give her friend a hug. When she did, she could actually feel Gretchen growing little by little. She looked at Gretchen's tube & began to pull. Gretchen started to pull away, trying to make it pop off. But it was no use. It was on there & on there good. Suddenly, there was different loud pop, making some of the girls nearby them shift a little in excitement. Kelsey looked over to see that Gretchen had snapped thru her belt, Gretchen gave a pathetic, apologetic whimper to her. Kelsey nodded as if to tell her not to worry. She looked down at how much Gretchen had grown. Without the belt to hinder her progress, Gretchen started to grow a bit more visibly. She seemed to be swallowing faster too. Maybe the pressure in her hose was higher than the others. Was she supposed to catch up? Just then, the ceiling opened again, & Kelsey wondered who would be next. This time, the beam picked out some redhead with taut pale skin on the other side of the room. She looked slightly larger than the last girl did & far too large to put up any sort of struggle. Kelsey felt so bad for the poor girl, so big, so round, so completely helpless. What would be waiting for her up there? The girl's tube snapped & she began to float up towards the ceiling, slower due to the more mass she had. Then she disappeared from sight. "It's going to be okay, Gretchen! I won't let anything happen to you!" she said, noticing her friend had grown rounder since the last time she looked. She watched the ceiling close & sighed under breath. "If there's anything I can do about." Gretchen moaned, as if she was trying to sound reassured. Kelsey watched as the spherical mass in her friend's middle grew larger. If her belly didn't span around her like a globe, it, along with her breasts would've given away the impression of a pregnant woman at term with triplets at least! At that moment, Gretchen looked as though she had realized something. "What's up?" asked Kelsey. Gretchen grabbed her wrist & placed her palm on her belly. It felt like someone was inflating a massive soccer ball deep within her. But then Gretchen shook herself a little. "Omigod!" screamed Kelsey as the ceiling opened for yet another helpless balloon girl. "It feels like water! You're filling up with water aren't you?" The beam of light pinpointed a brunette fairly close to them, the biggest nearby them. Kelsey & Gretchen saw her rock a bit at first, probably out of fear. They watched as the girl slowly drifted upward, pulling on the tube. They could see her still sucking on the tube, as if maybe she was trying to hold on. When it popped off, her hands & feet flailed wildly.
"Unnnngh! No.... h-ha-hal-p!" She whimpered, but none came. She levitated upwards & squeezed thru the into hole like the others, getting stuck for a brief second before the torque of the beam pulled her the full way thru. Gretchen began to cry louder as the ceiling once again slammed shut. "Gretchen? Gretchen!" said Kelsey, trying to calm her friend down. She would try to hug her again, but her arms probably wouldn't fit around her now. She was bloating up quite fast, seams in her white halter starting to rip. The mass amid Gretchen grew larger & rounder. She began to huff & moan with its growth. Kelsey wasn't sure if it was out of pain or humility, but felt horrible for her either way. Her belly grew rounder & heavier. She managed to lay herself over to her side & laid there. Kelsey stood up & stretched. She looked around at all the other girls. She listened to their whimpers & groaning. They were also incredibly big. She was so frightened that this was what might happen to both Gretchen & herself. She stroked the side of the swollen girl she examined upon first waking up. She felt so unbelievably full, it must have hurt! Yet she still kept sucking, making herself larger. She looked back over to Gretchen, quickly getting there herself. Her middle was rounding out from her crotch to just under her now mammoth breasts! Her hands stroked her sides with regret. Kelsey couldn't believe it was the same girl! Hell her thighs look were starting to look twice as wide as her hips once were. Just then, the ceiling opened hungrily for another. Gretchen bobbled around fearfully just like the other swollen girls. "Don't worry! It's just that light again!" said Kelsey. "Relax. You're still too tiny!" Kelsey meant that to sound reassuring. But that's when the beam narrowed around Gretchen. "Maybe not." Kelsey said with bewilderment, jumping with fear as Gretchen realized she was next. But why? She was nowhere near as full as either the other girls were. At least not yet. She tried to grab hold of the ground, but there was nothing to grip onto, it was all the same cold steel panelling. Gretchen started to lift off of the ground, her back end first. As she slowly started to lift, she still clawed trying to grab something to stop her. When nothing could be held on to, she flailed her hands & feet in desperation, hoping to get hold of something to prevent her drifting. All it did was uncomfortably squeeze her belly between her plentiful thighs & chunky forearms.
"I gotcha!" said Kelsey, just as the tube pulled straight, tethering her down like it had the others. Gretchen blubbered like a swollen baby. "Calm down, it's going to be okay!" Just then, with the same rubbery pop, the tube in Gretchen's mouth gave.
"Oh no!" she yelped with her raven black hair spilling down over her head. " I can't... we're going up!" Kelsey wasn't enough to weigh down the beam & the two of them floated up towards the ceiling. Floating backwards, Gretchen's tears hit Kelsey. "Why did this have to happen to me? Why?!" she wailed lifting higher & higher.
"Easy, Gretch!" Kelsey said, holding on. She looked down below them at all the swollen girls sitting their sucking on their hoses & growing bigger. She wondered if they'd all share the same fate Gretchen was about to. Maybe her too. "I'm sorry, Kelsey! I'm SO sorry!" pleaded Gretchen as they were both enveloped by the light.
They kept lifting, the door shutting right under Kelsey's foot. They were in what looked like a great hall. As their eyes adjusted to their new brighter surroundings, the beam suddenly cut off & they began to drop. Kelsey realized that at her new bloated weight, Gretchen, could very well crush her to death! Quickly, she jumped off & landed on what looked like a hard wood floor. Just in front of her, Gretchen landed, with a ball like bounce & an 'oooph!'
"Careful! Careful!" warned a laughing computerized voice. "You can never be too careful when you're in that sort of a condition!" Kelsey looked around the hall, everything was a goldish metal color, aside from floor & four glass casings, each with a bluish tint that ran black rubber hoses over to a chandelier like thing dripping something, over a long table. At the far end of the table was a man in a wheelchair. His muscles were apathied & his body was shriveled before its years. He looked almost as pathetic as the girls down below. But Kelsey knew that the mocking voice probabaly came from him.
"What is all this? Who are you? What are you doing to me?" hollered Gretchen. A snicker escaped the far end. Kelsey was too busy surveying the hall. She looked in the glass tubes to see that were the girls that had been beamed up thru the ceiling. The black girl, the redhead, & the brunette, all waiting for the unknown. They'd each been placed into one of the tubes & a new, wider, funneled hose was strapped onto each of their terrorifed faces. But there was another tube, an empty one with another hose waiting inside it. Kelsey wondered if that one was for her or Gretchen. "Don't just fucking grin at me, Stephen Hawkin!" growled Gretchen. "What is this about? Tell me!"
"Careful." The man nodded his neck a little, almost as a signal. More robots, like the ones downstairs flanked Gretchen.
"Hey what are you...?" Gretchen was led away towards the empty glass tube, the robots assisting her at her sides. She looked unwilling but had no choice in the matter. At her size, there was little she could do to fight back against them. They placed her inside, standing, supported by her massive belly & other robots strapped the hose around her while she tried to struggle her face away.
"What are you doing to them?" screamed Kelsey. "Why are you filling them with water... or... whatever?"
"Don't worry!" smiled the man. "You won't have to worry about your friend being that big for long." Kelsey really didn't like the sound of that. "And, you're right! It's not exactly water that they're filling with, per se. Now my gatherer seemed to do quite the job this time, two for one! And a blonde no less!" he said, with a Hannibal Lecter-like snicker. "You see, I really do prefer blondes, with a build much like your own. So frail, so pathetic; to become something so grand... yes, the final outcome is just so astounding! It's too bad that you're friend there couldn't have ripened a bit more. No worries. She'll just have to refine her load now." He said. Kelsey was about to question him but before she could, he changed the subject. "Care for a drink?" The table before her had what looked like a wine glass full of powder blue fluid with a milk like consistancy. She noticed it under that chandelier dripper, making her all the more suspicious. She turned to look at Gretchen as the glass tube closed. Her friend stood there timidly, the new hose attached to her mouth, just like the girls in the other glass tubes. "Your... drink?" asked the man again. Kelsey shuddered. Kelsey backed away, only to bump into two of the mechanical men. She screamed as they wrapped their powerful hydraulic arms around her. Another one grabbed the wine glass & stepped with clunky footsteps towards the struggling Kelsey. The one grabbed Kelsey's chin, opening her mouth. It poured the creamy blue fluid into her mouth, making the man in the wheelchair seem fiarly amused. Kelsey let most of it dribble out, not trying to let any of it enter. But then it hit her tongue. A sensation hit her entire body. This blue stuff was the best thing she'd ever tasted. The robot pressed her chin up towards the rest of her face. Kelsey knew it was trying to make her swallow. The strength of the mechanical hand was starting to hurt so she gulped it down. An pleasurable tingle followed the gulp down her throat. Whatever that stuff was it tasted incredible, she thought. The robots restraining her slowly loosened their grip. She felt like fleeing but noticed another robot filling another wine glass under the dripper thing. It slowly filled. The man rocked his head. Suddenly loud engine noises surrounded Kelsey, as something in the glass tubes was starting up. She looked to see the hoses start to quake, much like there was liquid pouring thru them. That's when Kelsey saw Gretchen begin to pout. More fluid was running out of the pipes & into her mouth, filling her far faster than the tube downstairs had. It wasn't just her hose though. All the girl's hoses were on, sending more fluid into their swollen bodies. Gretchen felt herself swallowing, still not knowing what was driving her to it. She started to panic when she looked across to see the brunette, the largest she had seen so far, swallow ferociously. She was huge though, so large her sides looked restricted by the tubing she was encased in. Gretchen wasn't sure how this girl could keep on swallowing. But looking closely, Gretchen could see that the girl, much like her, didn't want to. She watched the girl's body expand & contract, like she was throbbing from the incredible fullness. Her body started to begin to have a light blue tint. Gretchen could only guess that was what she was filling with. She couldn't imagine the pain the girl felt but had a sinking feeling that she soon would. She wondered when they would stop this girl's hose. Any bigger & she'd burst! Or was that the point, she wondered, swallowing more from her own hose unwillingly. She felt her own full body, the fluid inside her quaking about if she moved too much. She looked up at the brunette again still trying to sympathize. Instead, she saw a look of extreme panic on the girl's face. Suddenly she was gone in an eruption of powder blue liquid. Gretchen gasped between swallows. The girl had grown so full that she had burst right before her very eyes. There was hardly any trace of her left inside the tube, just a gathering pool of the blue milky solution that drained out thru a sif like grating at the bottom. She watched it go into a tube & up into that chandelier looking thing, dripping into a wine glass being prepared to Kelsey. Oh god, Kelsey! Gretchen saw Kelsey standing there, her belly developing a nice little paunch to it. The robots weren't making her anymore. She sat at the opposite end of the table from the man in the wheelchair, drinking from the glass that once contained the fluid that burst out of the brunette. She drank it, allowing more to gather in her paunch. She looked like she was trying to stop herself but couldn't. Gretchen, feeling Kelsey was their last hope began to futilely try to snap her out of her intoxicated trance.
"So it's quite simple actually." smiled the man to Kelsey, who was drinking the blue formula greedily. "I get my servants to get whatever young woman they can find to produce & refine this serum. I put them to work in my grove downstairs where they ripen, & I can easily harvest them with my beam over there. But out of all that fluid," he motioned at the redhead seconds before she burst into a splash of powdered blue fluid, much like how the brunette had just done. "Only a tiny bit can be consumed as the pure stuff that you are so greedily drinking my dear!" said the man, the uneven grin still decorating his face. Kelsey hardly paid any attention to him now. She had no idea what had came over her. Deep down she had to do something, anything to allow her & Gretchen a chance to escape. But her mind was focused on more of the blue drink. She couldn't wait for the robots to fill her glass again, the fluid trickling slowly into it. She dove onto the table & grabbed hold of the chandelier/dripper thing. She began to suck on it as if it was one of the hoses Gretchen had been sucking on. The man could only laugh at her sudden jolt of energy, watching as she sucked on as much blue fluid as she possible could. It tasted so good. She was hardly the gluttonous type, but Kelsey just couldn't control herself. She had felt her belly grow against her tight blue denim jeans already but with a few sips of the fluid straight from the dripper, it began to cut into her painfully. She looked down, not unlatching from the dripper, to try & unbutton them. They were being held so tight though that as she got close with her hands, the tension made the button shoot off on its own. She felt as though she should've panicked, the size she watched herself get. But she had to keep drinking! She just had to.
"Mmmmgh!" Gretchen squealed, pounding a hand against the glass. Her swollen arm, filled with fluid quaked from within, the water sloshing around inside her. She felt incredibly large. So large that now her clothes, once holding on for dear life & maintaining an uncomfortable snugness, began to burst off at the seams, sending shreds of fabric down to the sieve like floor below her. She hadn't noticed the sieve bottom of hers before that but didn't think it was a good sign. She concentrated again on trying to get Kelsey's attention.
Kelsey's paunch had grown to a potbelly. She pulled herself up towards the dripper & clamped her jaw on the hard rubber edge as if to catch more had she been missing any. She did notice her clothes starting to get a little tight but didn't really care. She just kept on swallowing, much to the man in the wheelchair's amusement. She heard some very painful sounding groans but didn't look to see what it was.
Gretchen saw. It was the black girl, the first one to be taken thru the ceiling. She looked as though she was reaching her limits now too. To Gretchen, she looked full before & to make her swallow this much more seemed impossible. The girl flapped her hands uselessly, as her dark skin grew paler & took on a light bluish tint too. Fuller & fuller she got. Her swollen middle pressed against the glass firmly, squeezing her within it's confines. More & more entered the poor girl. She bulged out monstrously with a few last swallows. Gretchen didn't want to look. She shielded her eyes, hearing the girl's last few moans & then a wet bursting sound. To Kelsey, it was just a loud noise off in the corner that made the pressure of the dripper increase some. She continued to swallow the blue stuff happily.
This meant Gretchen was the last one left in the tubes; but she still continued to bulge out rapidly, faster than the others had, as if to let her catch up. Was this psychotic invalid going to make her burst like the others. She could tell by the rate the hose poured into her mouth that it certainly wouldn't be very long. The pressure built up more & more, making her wince in pain. But she had to swallow. There was no stopping it. Her arms & legs shortened into her massive sphere torso as she felt herself get rounder with the swallows. Suddenly she felt herself starting to lift off her feet a little. She looked down as if she could see the cause. Then she felt it. Her swollen nether regions had actually outstretched her feet. She tried to keep herself balanced with tippy toes but after few more surges, she couldn't reach. Slowly feeling herself tilt back against the back wall of the tube, she beat her hands frantically trying to stay upright. She had to somehow stop Kelsey from gorging herself like an idiot long enough to get her out of this tube. She swallowed realizing how futile any attempts would be. She looked up at Kelsey giggling contently with a mouthful of the fluid the other girls once held. She was getting big, slightly different than how Gretchen had but big none the less. Her belly was large but a great deal of the fluid had gone straight to her ass & thighs, making them look larger proportionately as they bulged thru the tearing seams of her denims. Her breasts were massive too, nowhere as full as Gretchen's but it probably wouldn't take very long. A few more swallows & everything on Kelsey grew bigger, fatter with fluid. Then with a loud crash, Kelsey's new tremendous weight put her thru the table, making her lose her grip of the chandelier. The man in the wheelchair laughed with his mechanized voice, amused by this gluttonous thing Kelsey was quickly becoming!
"Ungh! Ungh!" she moaned wantingly, looking as though she was trying to bounce off her swollen ass to reach it. Swollen arms batted at it but it hung there just inches away mocking her. She was becoming completely unaware of the state she was in, let alone Gretchen's predicament. She let out pleading coos. Almost feeling bad for her, the the man signaled again. Two of the robot servants neared her & pulled it down for her to suck on again. She flapped her arms with the swallows this time, like a greedy baby bird.
"Nnnnnnnnggggggghhhhhh!" moaned Gretchen watching what was happening to her once rail-shaped roommate. But her own growing body bloated in front of her, blocking her view of Kelsey from the angle her body had tilted. She had her own problems. The pressure of the fluid shooting into her mouth seemed to only be increasing! She started to wince again, running out of room inside herself. She must have been the size of the other girls that they'd brought up, so full, so round. And the heaviness! She felt like a few metric tons! What had they done to her? She was once one of the hottest girls on campus! Now she was nothing but a big, swollen blimp of blue fluid beginning to fear she would soon burst. She sighed, feeling her sides starting to brush up against the glass casing. She wondered after a few more swallows if the same casing would start to squeeze blue juice out of her.
Kelsey let out another loud satisfied squeal much like that of a happy pig. She continued to suck down on the dripper, with dainty little feet kicking below her. She looked over to the tube where she had last seen Gretchen. All that was there now was a large ball of flesh bloating larger in front of her, blocking view of her face. Kelsey could only see the tube wrap around the once massive breasts that had sank into her round body, leading to where her face maybe. She realized that all this worrying about Gretchen had made her swallow less & less. But then, reminded of the taste, she began sucking harder, trying to make up for lost time. She lied to herself, saying that Gretchen would be okay to make herself feel better, allowing her to focus again on swallowing more of the blue stuff.
"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-Mmmmmggggggghhhhhh!" whimpered Gretchen painfully. Her body still filled rapidly; agonizingly. She knew she wasn't going to be able to rely on the greedy pig thing Kelsey had become & began to fear what seemed like the inevitable. Even if Kelsey was to snap out of her trance, she was far too big now to do much of anything. Another painful surge of growth got her attention again. This was going to be it! Gretchen knew it! She just knew it! She was reaching critical mass. She couldn't stop swallowing, & yet she felt so unbelievably full. And still more came. Suddenly, she noticed the growth was slowing. She realized she wasn't growing any larger. She couldn't! Her body, pressed firmly up against the glass, had reached its limits. But still more fluid came, shooting into her mouth, filling her more. Only a few throaty moans escaped before she became too afraid to even breathe the wrong way. She inhaled once before holding her breath. Three more swallows forced down her throat. Her body began to pulsate! She couldn't believe how heavy & round she felt as she throbbed from incredible fullness. The pulses got heavier & blurred everything she could see over her massive cheeks, still catching the gushing fluid. Another throb, this one more painful than the last. She wanted to scream but felt too swollen to even breathe. Her skin was under so much tension. All she could do was feel herself fill more. And throb. It was getting close! So close! She just knew it! Her cheeks grew so heavy that her eyes swole shut, every bit of her body trying to compensate for the fullness. What a way to go, she thought, trying to imagine what kind of swollen mess she must've looked like from the outside. Was this what the other girls felt before they burst? The pressure was intense. She was almost on the verge of begging to burst!  Her body throbbed vertically along the glass casing as she waited for it. She had held her breathing but now felt ready to pass out. She tried to let herself, so she'd miss the painful finale, but involuntarily she exhaled. She was still blue, & realized that it wasn't from holding her breath. Another swallow. Her body bulged a little strangely, different from the last swallow. She was right, breathing funny would make her burst! Her skin got tighter & tighter as she realized this was it! She grit her teeth under swollen cheeks, flexed her hands & feet for one last time, & tried to prepare for it. One last painful throb, then with a excruiating grimace releasing a pitiful moan & one last, final surge of growth... Kelsey squealed happily, sucking down every bit of the fluid she could, not even getting the least bit curious about the loud noise in the background that sounded like someone breaking a drum. She totally unaware that the noise was once her roommate & dear friend, & she was completely unaware of what was happening to her. Unaware of the fact that by this time, she was just as wide & as round as the first girls that were brought up here. And there were still about a hundred more gallons left! Kelsey just kept on sucking, making the man in wheelchair grin his crooked grin. He watched as the last of Gretchen's load dripped into the sieve below & thru the tubings to Kelsey's mouth. Kelsey let out another satisfied piggish squeal, looking as though she was starting to reach her own limits. But she was far from aware, slurping down more with glee. He signaled to his servants. If they left her like that for much longer she'd be decorating the room herself. The robots lifted the dripper from Kelsey's mouth. She rocked towards it wantingly, but the man nodded.
"No." he said almost as if she was a disobedient pet. She cooed & rocked back on her massive ass, letting out a content little burp, though still hungry for more. She was a bloated mockery of herself. Deep down, she was appalled by what she had become, better yet, what they had made her become. She was angry, enraged they filled her friend up to simply let her burst out blue fluid for her to drink. She had so much hatred for this man & his machines. On the outside, however, she was nothing more than a giant cream puff. The powder blue liquid had put Kelsey into a stupor. Every thought she had was trying to be overpowered by the need for more blue formula. "Take her to my quarters. I shall have use for her there." he said with another grin. The robots left him there as beads of blue fluid in each of the casings rolled down along the glass. "That was quite fun." smiled the man to himself. "The best in sometime, I do believe."
the end? -- tell me what you think --
a story i wrote a while ago. involves some wonka sort of elements & popping (you've been warned) enjoy!

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thebellyburster Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Someone wrote some follow-ups to this incredible story...does anyone have them?
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Really love this story, I read it on your old site and it's great to find it again. I'm normally not in to popping...but for this tale I make an exception!
CrazedPotato Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2008
Revisiting this story since the last time I read it some two or three years ago—maybe four—I realize that from the start of your dA time you were doing some really amazing work.

D: And I never thanked you for being so great. If my page wasn't devoted to more modest things I'd get to work on a drawn version of this entire story with gusto. Was also that easy to visualize. Which was great.
sickstar Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2008
i reread a bit recently & was mortified. but thanks. glad someone enjoyed it. and i'm not that great.
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MetallicSonic22 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2006
Awesome story, but I felt bad for Gretchen and the girls when they burst, it breaks my heart to see such cute girls around the area being filled with blue powder and then bursting just to feed more cute girls. If only there could be survivors cause this is just too sad to go through
havent-slept Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice story, twisted but in the good kind of way.
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Oh my god......... if those robots are who I THINK they are............. and if the man in the wheelchair is who I THINK he is.............. then there is only one conclusion I can make....................... John Lumic is alive! IT'S THE AGE OF STEEL ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! (JUMPS THROUGH A WINDOW)

Moving on, that is quite a chilling tale, that is.
sickstar Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2006
eh, the new doctor who's? not my thing. the old ones are great.

MartmeisterPaladin Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2006  Hobbyist
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hm I finally found the story in which Invictusvoxfini based his stories off of ^^ truly awesome writing ^^
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just added a few of your stories to my favorite list (which YES i am finally making) including this one...i've seen and read quite a lot in the inflation community over the years, and this has got to be the best composition i've come across thus far. please keep up the excellent work!

:horny: (it took me forever to finally fina a smiley emoticon labeled "horny") w00t.
freakinweirdo Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2004
I think these are the best kinds of stories, for just about everybody. A little bit of pleasure, a little bit of pain, full body inflation, and popping! And the popping isn't gory, it's just a splatter of liquids and chunks against glass. I do SO hope you write more stories involving poppings like the ones in this story. This is one of my favorite inflation stories that I've ever read.
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